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Floods damage more than property–they can also destroyyour financial well-being. Can you handle the unexpected cost of flood repairs?

You might think your homeowners insurance covers flood. It doesn't. Or, federal disaster aid? It might, but it's usually a loan, repayable with interest. Or, you caould wait and buy flood protection later. Don't – most new flood policies take 30 days to go into effect. By then, it will be too late.

The average annual flood premium is just $350 – a small price compared to flood repairs. All qualified claims are paid quickly so you can begin the rebuilding process immediately.

Call Park Insurance today at 973-235-1562 for a free quote. Flood Insurance is the only inexpensive alternative for protecting your home, your posessions, and your checkbook from the devastation of flood.

Is Your Contents Coverage Correct?
Homeowners Insurance and Renters Insurance are completely different. Renters Insurance is great because it only covers your possessions or otherwise known as "Contents". Make sure you value your contents at the appropriate amount.

Even though you do not own a house, you are still suspect to a mishap or theft in your apartment. We provide coverage for the following: Contents, Loss of Use, Personal Liability and Medical Payments. If you have any questions or concerns email us at, or give us a call at 973-235-1562. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

What will your future have to offer?

Have you ever thought about where you'd be in 25 years? How about 35 years or 45 years? If not, take a minute and think about it now...

  • Where will you live?
  • Who will take care of you?
  • Will you end up in a nursing home?
A nursing home! I never thought I'd end up in a nursing home!

Does the thought of ending up in a nursing home scare you? The average cost of a nursing home is $45,000 per year...The average stay is about 3 years. Did you plan on spending $135,000 of your life savings on nursing home fees? Do you even have $135,000 to do so? If you're like most people, you probably haven't thought much about it.

Consider this...You have a Long Term Care Policy. You now have the appropriate funds available to care for yourself, your spouse and your family. Ask those same questions above and see how you feel now. Planning for your future should start now!

Long-Term conditions or disabilities can happen within a matter of minutes...
  • Approximately 40% of people between the ages of 18 and 64 are currently receiving Long Term Care due to motor vehicle accidents, mental disorders or other illnesses.
  • The average life span of someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease is 8 years. The average cost of a nursing home is $360,000 over that time period.
  • Your chance of spending time in a nursing home is one out of two (50%)
  • Your chance of needing home health care after 65 is nearly 70%.

the chart above shows who pays for Long Term Care now.

So, what's the real solution to preparing for Long Term Care? Begin with a good Long Term Care Insurance plan which will help protect you and your family from financial difficulties caused by needing Long Term Care. Call Park Insurance today to start planning for your future.

Park Insurance Associates also offers the following services:
  • Notary Public Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Pension Trust Funds
  • Employee Dishonesty Bonds
  • Tax Preparers Professional Liability Insurance
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